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Supporting Independence and Improving Quality of Life

A scientifically based, interactive program giving individuals and caregivers step-by-step tools to live each day better.

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a personalized solution built to support activities of daily living for diverse populationS

Our MapHabit System

independent living for disabled adults

Habit building tools are important for everyone to keep routines on track.

MapHabit's unique, science based system helps make each day safer, more productive, and less stressful for individuals and their caregivers. Our approach leverages the power of combining assistive technology with behavior learning.

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improve quality of life

The MapHabit System

Our innovative system organizes habits, routines and tasks into visual maps. They are interactive and engaging step-by-step how to guides that help members complete a daily activity on their own, or with help from a support partner or a caregiver.

Our visual maps make it easier to get tasks done each day.

Exclusive Curated Content for Members, by Behavioral Experts

Routines matter. Our community of members have access to over 1800 habit building maps, or they can create their own that works for their unique daily needs.

skill building activities
quality of life improvements

Caregivers and Support Providers

Caregiving is tough.

MapHabit provides caregivers and support providers with expertise and guidance to help reduce burden. We have targeted solutions to meet specific health needs.

For example, our unique and holistic wellness questionnaire helps caregivers and support providers breakdown the specific health needs and understand the specific solutionns that will help make their quality of life better.


Our system has pre-built and customizable tools to support your specific needs.

independent living program for adults with disabilities

Personalized Maps

Have tasks to get done?

Create maps that support it. Our maps make big tasks simple and easy. How? Each maps takes a big task and breaks it up into smaller steps.

This is important because simple maps make it easy to follow the instructions and get the task done.

activities of daily living

Pictures, Video, Audio That Support Individuals and Caregivers

Our maps are driven by the planning needs of individuals and their caregivers. Each map teaches a lesson related to daily activities.

Photo examples, videos, and audio are used to breakdown each task. Our approach decreases stress and increases successful outcomes and overall engagement.

improve quality of life

Secure Chat Functionality

We provide secure messaging to our members, so they can stay in close contact with support providers, like doctors and family members. Our chat tools make sharing maps and daily goals, as well as tracking chat history very easy.

independent living for disabled adults

Map Alert Scheduler

Our map alert scheduler helps member stay on track and reach daily goals. Members can schedule daily reminders, including going to doctor's appointments, completing morning routines and taking medication. This is all in our maps, a centralized placee connection to daily goal planning and activities exclusively designed to support independence.

Relevant Expert

Meaningful content created for members by behavioral Health Experts

Our team of experts created content, just for our members' needs. Whether it's individuals or caregivers, our content is built to support activities of daily living, habit and skill building, and cognitive wellness, making it easier to achieve daily goals.

Paper Based Output

Multimodal Flexibility and Versatility

For our members who prefer paper, we offer them opportunities to print out maps, checklists, etc to support their daily tasks and habit building.

MapHabit is built...

skill building activities

For Individuals

Support independence and improve your quality of life. Our system is designed specifically for our members needs to help them reach their goals, by learning important life skills and building good routines.

activities of daily living

For caregivers and Support Providers

Fun activities and tools that are designed with our members and their support provider teaks in mind. Our system puts the power of learning and planning in members' hands, turning stressful tasks into engaging and reachable goals.

quality of life improvements

For Organizations

Differentiate your organization with a science backed digital health tool, supporting independence and improving quality of life. Our tools provide a diverse population with support to create and reach goals that help them live better.

Our approach is based on brain science and ongoing digital health technology research.

The foundation for our system is procedural memory research. Procedural memory is an area of the brain that stores habits; it is relatively untouched when there are cognitive declines due to diseases like Alzheimer's. We are dedicated to ongoing, evidence based, real world research on how our assistive technology can improve independence, reduce caregiver burden and improve quality of life.


Peer Reviewed Studies

Our extensive and ongoing research is backed by institutions, including Emory University, US Department of Veterans Affairs, National Institute on Aging and organizations such as LuMind and CaringKind. We continue to seek new research opportunities across a diverse population and with industry leading partners.

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Neurocognitive areas studied

MapHabit's system and tools are scientifically proven, demonstrating it can help individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) and their caregivers, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Down Syndrome, and Autism.

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Image of a graph showing the Mean percent change combined for individuals and caregivers, showing improvements for reduced frustration, reduced anger, enjoyment of life, cooperation, satisfaction with progress.

Intellectual/Developmental Disability

May 2023

A Feasibility Study Demonstrating That Independence, Quality Of Life, And Adaptive Behavioral Skills Can Improve In Children With Down Syndrome After Using Assistive Technology

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Alzheimer's Disease

December 2022

A Feasibility Study of Individuals Living at Home with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: Utilization of Visual Mapping Assistive Technology to Enhance Quality of Life and Reduce Caregiver Burden

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Alzheimer's Disease

March 2022

Reduced care burden and improved quality of life in African American family caregivers: Positive impact of personalized assistive technology

The findings reported here comprise the first systematic study of the use of assistive technology by caregivers in an underserved population. They set the stage for exploring meaningful strategies and variables that will better engage underserved populations to take advantage of assistive technologies available in healthcare.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Our platform helps enhance the quality of life for our users and their circle of support.

About MapHabit

We are a mission driven organization with a simple goal - to support individuals and improve their quality of life. We are passionate about creating innovative, personalized, technology driven solutions to help people in their daily lives reach their goals while reducing stress and burden.

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