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MapHabit supports memory and helps people living with dementia stay more engaged and independent in daily life.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Our platform helps enhance the quality of life for our users and their circle of support.

Our Findings

After using MapHabit for three (3) months, these Top 5 Quality of Life (QoL) areas scored the highest % improvement across both individuals and their support partners.

Image of a graph showing the Mean percent change combined for individuals and caregivers, showing improvements for reduced frustration, reduced anger, enjoyment of life, cooperation, satisfaction with progress.


The MapHabit System has the tools you need to improve quality of life, including the option to customize to your specific needs.

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Personalized Map Creation

Create a map about anything. Step-by-step instructions break down a task into smaller manageable pieces, making it easy to follow.

Engaging Multimedia Elements

Improve engagement and map interaction with custom elements for video modeling, audio prompts, and photo examples.

Chat With Your Circle of Support

Stay engaged with those in your circle of support with chat tools that allow you to connect and share maps that you've created.

Schedule Maps to Notify Users

Whether it is a doctor visit, a prompt to drink water, or an alert to take medicine, you can set a map to notify you on a schedule to keep you and on track for the day.