Differentiate your Business with MapHabit’s Adult Day Center Solutions

The MapHabit System gives adult day center owners and operators the tools to improve procedural compliance, increase care partner efficiency and enhance communication with families.

Set the New Standard for Adult Day Center Quality of Person-Centered Care

Maphabit Adult Day Center Community Support

No matter if you’re an adult day center owner, operator, or manager, you offer an invaluable service to families – providing their loved one with a safe place for care and assistance during working hours.

With COVID-19 impacting how we best care for our aging population, maximizing safety and quality is paramount to your success.

At MapHabit, we understand how ever-increasing overhead costs and the complexities of pandemic caregiving are making it more difficult to provide the quality of service your families and community members desire.

MapHabit’s intuitive technology platform helps you increase the quality of care you provide through client task tracking and step-by-step visual maps to increase independence, reduce frustration, and ensure safety protocols are enforced.

Furthermore, MapHabit’s integrated communications with family members and their network of caregivers helps you provide best-in-class care continuity and support.

Streamline Caregiver Management

MapHabit Eases Caregiving Staff Burden and Increases Safety

On any given day, there is a lot of activity throughout your adult day center.

Your caregiving staff are working hard to feed and entertain your clients, help them with personal hygiene, and keep them engaged with physical and mental activities.

They’re also helping administer medications and monitor conditions in order to put family members at ease — all while following new COVID-19 caregiving recommendations and safety protocols in an increasingly stressful environment.

At MapHabit, we realize that managing an adult day center is no easy task.

As such, we designed our easy-to-use caregiver management system to help you assign caregiving staff to specific locations and clients, segment by clients’ needs, and oversee the delivery of quality care in real-time.

Seamless Communications with Family Members and Other Caregivers

Older adults often experience isolation. Additionally, due to COVID-19, social isolation Is exacerbated by the social distance mandates to prevent virus transmission. The effects can have detrimental impacts on a client’s mental and physical health.

MapHabit’s group messaging and media library features help loved ones, family caregivers, doctors, therapists and adult day caregivers easily communicate and share Information in real-time.

Get updates on daily activities, receive confirmation of medications and meals, implement wellness plans from primary care doctor and/or specialists and stay bonded with loved ones all within our integrated communications platform.

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