Adult Living Communities Thrive with MapHabit

MapHabit provides a cost-effective competitive edge in a crowded market, improves staff satisfaction and retention, and strengthens continuity of person-centered care

MapHabit Helps Streamline Caregiver Management

With its unique one-touch management system, MapHabit helps maximize your ability to direct  caregiving staff operations in real time.

Global visibility helps you increase caregiver efficiency and effectiveness – saving you time and money, so you can stay focused on providing high quality and consistent care.

    Additional Benefits to Adult Living Communities

    Reduce Individual’s Frustration and Caregiver’s Stress

    MapHabit’s patented, award-winning visual activity mapping system reduces frustration for individuals living with dementia and reduces caregiver burden – helping them stay productive and less stressed, while providing a higher level of person-centered care.

    Establish True Continuity of Care

    MapHabit’s group messaging and media library features help loved ones, family caregivers, doctors, therapists and adult day caregivers easily communicate and share Information in real-time.

    Get updates on daily activities, receive confirmation of medications and meals, implement wellness plans from primary care doctor and/or specialists and stay bonded with loved ones all within our integrated communications platform.

    Improve Family Engagement and Combat Isolation

    MapHabit helps ensure strong communications between the resident, their family members and the organization’s care management team, helping to reverse feelings of isolation by encouraging remote family engagement – critically important during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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