September 2019

MapHabit™ Invited to the United Nations

MapHabit Invited to the United Nations

We all know the rising cost of healthcare has become a major issue for not only Americans but the world at large. Sufficient healthcare is becoming more and more expensive, causing individuals with significant medical needs to suffer because they simply can’t afford the care they need. At MapHabit™, we’re committed to the cause of developing sustainable strategies for affordable healthcare options – including our own low cost, non-invasive integrated MapHabit™ application. While we primarily advocate for the promotion of further research and therapeutic remedies specific to Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases, we are also passionate about transforming the healthcare system as a whole.MapHabit’s mission to effect change in the healthcare system continues to prompt our participation in numerous efforts around the world, including our recent trip to the United Nations. Our co-founder, Matt Golden, was invited to the United Nations to share the MapHabit™ story with the Coalition for Better Health at Lower Cost. The MapHabit™ team was chosen as part of a select group of leaders in business, science, research, and government to join the Coalition in brainstorming ways to provide effective healthcare options at lower costs. We were beyond thrilled and extremely grateful to receive this opportunity since the MapHabit™ vision perfectly aligns with the Coalition’s mission to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages.

What does the Coalition for Better Health at Lower Cost do?

The mission of the Coalition for Better Health at Lower Cost is to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goal #3 – to promote good health and well-being for all. The coalition was founded by The Stetson Family Office and the Global Partnerships Forum and includes an association of businesses, universities, governments, foundations, and family offices. Collectively, these organizations create resources for:

- Education on the prevention of chronic diseases with a focus on Alzheimer’s
- Advocacy of healthy living choices
- Training of our global health community

While at the UN, the primary focus of the attending leaders was to address the issue of rising healthcare costs and brainstorm practical strategies to reduce the financial burden felt by individuals and companies worldwide. MapHabit™ is committed to the Coalition’s cause and will participate in further discussions and strategic sessions to promote their primary objective – to provide effective healthcare options at reduced costs.When we work together, we can make a difference. If you would like to follow MapHabit’s journey to provide affordable healthcare options for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, please subscribe to our newsletter!