April 2020

Practicing Positivity

As uncertainty has befallen us and the world’s public health is in jeopardy, it is imperative that you not allow the feeling of insecurity to interfere too much with your mental health. During difficult times, learning to practice positivity and maintain a cheerful disposition can help prevent stress from evolving into illness.The benefits of staying positive are scientifically backed. In fact, “many studies show that people who are more positive tend to live usually five to 10 years longer than those individuals who are less positive,” (Holmes, 2019). We know that stress can make us sick, which is why transforming our negative emotions into more positive ones can alter how our immune system works. While amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to improve our immunity more than ever.An interesting study showed that “people with a more positive outlook were less likely to get sick after experimenters introduced cold viruses into their noses,” (Holmes, 2019). The results were measured in different ways; however, the study proved that those who were able to feel more positive and calmer had an increase in immune cells and a reduction of inflammation. Increasing our positive emotions can change the way we view certain things, how we react to certain things, and how we recover from certain things.There are so many ways to practice positivity. If you are working from home during this time, taking a break to meditate, practice mindful breathing, and even journaling the things you are grateful for are great places to start. The best part about practicing positivity and enhancing your happy emotions is it’s free! Anyone and everyone can (and should) invest time in improving their outlook.Here are ten ways to practice gratitude and positivity:

  1. Journaling
  2. Exercising (short walk, light yoga, dance to your favorite song)
  3. Meditating
  4. Being kind to yourself
  5. Accepting things for what they are
  6. Eliminating negative self-talk
  7. Healthy eating
  8. Filtering before you speak to change negative thoughts into positive ones
  9. Staying optimistic
  10. Expressing gratitude

Now more than ever, practicing positivity is a critical component to staying healthy. MapHabit provides plenty of reminders to help you stay positive throughout the day including maps for better sleep, nutrition, movement, and engagement. And having pictures, sound recordings and videos of our beloved family and friends is the perfect way to start the day positively and end the day with a smile! To learn more, visit maphabit.com.Source:Holmes, Bob. “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.” Knowable Magazine | Annual Reviews, Annual Reviews, 14 May 2019, www.knowablemagazine.org/article/health-disease/2019/always-look-bright-side-life.