MapHabit Helps Individuals with

Down Syndrome Increase

Their Independence


In conjunction with LuMind IDSC, MapHabit seeks to provide
an effective tool to help individuals
with Down syndrome achieve greater independence.



Interested in participating in

our LuMind IDSC

research study?


Independent Learning with Social Stories

MapHabit’s Social Stories integrate words, pictures, audio, and video to illustrate appropriate actions and behaviors for a variety of situations like ‘Stranger Danger’, ‘Personal Boundaries’, ‘Bedtime Routine’ and many more.

These interactive instructions help your loved one build a solid foundation to help navigate daily life tasks and activities. 

Learning Made Fun

While designed as a robust instructional learning aid to assist children with Down Syndrome, MapHabit’s customized system is also structured to maximize enjoyment at a pace comfortable for your child.

Children enjoy using the MapHabit app on their mobile all while gaining confidence in executing the steps outlined in their personalized visual maps.

Join Our Research Study

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MapHabit is proud to partner with LuMind IDSC to offer its members access to the award-winning MapHabit System as part of an initial research collaboration with LuMind’s Down syndrome cohort. The collaboration will commence in August 2020 and the outcomes will be used to further evolve the visual mapping technology into a purpose-built solution for the Down syndrome community.


Interested in participating?


Families with children living with Down syndrome between the ages of 5 and 17 and their primary caregiver(s)

Commit to using the MapHabit app every day for one month

To evaluate our software’s ability to increase your child’s independence and autonomy

After consenting to participate, you’ll be required to complete an initial survey prior to beginning the research program and an exit assessment based on your experience


Our Vision

We want to live in a world where families and caregivers have the tools to work together towards reducing the effects of memory loss for those in their care.

Our Mission

To bolster independence, reduce stress and enhance quality of life of individuals and their caregivers with a simple and highly effective visual map application.



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