MapHabit Helps Individuals Living with Dementia Accomplish Daily Living Tasks More Independently

Reduce Caregiver’s Stress.

Enhance Quality of Life.

Restore Dignity and Independence.


Designed for individuals and their caregivers, MapHabit helps improve quality of life for both by providing an effective tool to reinforce routine habits and help individuals complete daily routines like bathing, eating, taking medications, and engaging with family members.

Support Independence

With MapHabit, you can easily create personalized visual maps to guide your loved one through various daily activities.

Decrease Stress and Frustration

Step-by-step visual instructions with the ability to add audio voiceovers and video tutorials help reduce stress and frustration on both the individual and their caregiver.

Reinforce Routine Habits

With simple scheduling and notification features, your loved one is prompted with cues throughout the day to reinforce their routine tasks without having to remember them on their own.

Gain Greater Peace of Mind

Family members can share personalized messages, photos and videos with their loved one to stay connected and can track their loved one’s completed activities – even if they live remotely.

Reduce Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs

By helping individuals complete daily living activities more independently for longer, MapHabit can extend an individual’s time at home and optimize preventative care with medication and doctor appointment reminders.

Improve Care Consistency with Third-Party Caregivers

MapHabit helps the primary family caregiver communicate care schedules and share activity maps with third-party and/or substitute caregivers while they are away.

Stay Connected to Remote Family Members

MapHabit’s video and photo sharing feature allows multiple family members to upload pictures and videos to the parking lot and easily access in one location.

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