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For I/DD and ND

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For Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities or Neurodiverse Individuals

Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) or Neurodiverse Individuals benefit from consistency when learning important skills that can help them become more independent.

Our powerful app offers visual schedules tailored to individual needs, step-by-step guidance for complex tasks, and easy-to-set reminders for important activities. With Maphabit, individuals can become more independent, build self-confidence, and achieve their goals.

The MapHabit System adapts to how individuals learn, and their circle of support can finally be on the same page on how to best support them.

for individual use

Improved independence.

Emily has been working with her therapists on her essential daily living skills since she was a child. With binders that contain the task analysis for different skills, and the visual schedules on the white board in the family kitchen, Emily was able to work on her skills independently while living at home with her parents. As she transitions to her postsecondary education, she is now working with her circle of support to make sure that her skills continue to progress, as she learns new academic and vocational skills.

With MapHabit, and together with Emily's parents and therapists, they are able to document the skills that need to be practiced daily and the activities for her day. The white board in her kitchen and the binders of task analysis are now on the MapHabit application, and in the palm of her hand - ready to notify and give her the support that she needs, whenever and wherever she needs it.

Woman with Down Syndrome talking to a woman after yoga class
Child with Down Syndrome and Mother on bed smiling

for Families

A better quality of life.

As a mother, Carmen always strived for consistency so that her daughter, Gabriela, can learn essential hygiene skills in the supportive environment of their home. Because of Carmen's critical observation of Gabriela's routines and habits, Carmen now knows what signs to look for when Gabriela is distressed and when needs additional support in the bathroom.

With MapHabit's collaborative tools available for her daughter's circle of support, Carmen was able to share with everyone on Team Gabriela her observations and create a visual map that they can review, including her grandparents who live several states away. When Gabriela's grandparents visit, they are able to provide the same familiar support, giving Carmen the peace of mind to run errands...

Or catch a quick nap.

for organizations

School and job support.

Julian was ecstatic when he found out that the organization he has been working with for job training was able to match him with a company.

In preparation for this new role, Julian, his job support, and his new manager have been collaborating together in creating Julian's daily scheduled tasks and his personal time at work.

At work, Julian is able to pull up the task analysis for each activity and view the step-by-step instructions with video demonstrations. And with the notifications, Julian knows when to take his essential breaks and when to get back to his tasks. With proper planning, and the MapHabit System easily accessible on his device, Julian can now live and work independently.

Black woman in apron holding a caliper and a block, showing how to use to a man with Down Syndrome holding a tablet