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We are looking for individuals with mild cognitive impairment or dementia and their care partners to participate in a study involving the use of assistive technology (app + tablet) in their day-to-day life for a duration of six months.

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For Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias

MapHabit’s patented technology provides personalized care management tools, training, and education for the family caregiver plus cognitive and emotional support for the individual who is living with neuro-cognitive changes.  A few of the app’s features include personalized activities of daily living “maps”, which are step-by-step guides, LiveWell Dementia Training, ENGAGE Brain Games, and Daily Stim - MapHabit’s unique cognitive program designed specifically for those living with mild to moderate cognitive changes.

MapHabit is available everywhere Internet services are available and can be downloaded to Android and iOS mobile devices.

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If you are a family caregiver for an individual who needs cognitive support in South Carolina, please complete the form to learn more about how MapHabit can help you get more out of life.

for individual use

Improved independence.

Anne has an early dementia diagnosis with multiple chronic conditions. She is not fully dependent on a caregiver, but sometimes forgets certain steps of an activity or a task.

For Anne, she is not ready for a full time caregiver, but her quality of life is diminished as she starts doubting her own abilities and avoids interactions because of it.

With MapHabit's patented approach to procedural memory, Anne can choose a map from our library, or make a map on her own or with assistance. Her maps are customized to her specific routines to ensure that she is living her best life without fear of missing a step.

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for Families

A better quality of life.

Alfred's dementia diagnosis has progressed and he is relying mostly on his wife, Joan, to help him complete various activities of daily living.

Joan is a retired pediatric nurse, with very little experience caring for an individual with dementia.

With MapHabit's LiveWell Wellness Assessments, Joan is now able to understand Alfred's dementia, abilities, needs, habits and routines. She uses the maps created specifically for Alfred to help her manage his daily routines. This results in fewer struggles and helps her understand Alfred's challenges, allowing them to enjoy the important moments in their life for much longer.

for organizations

Rethink aging in place for members.

Long-term care placement has always been a concern for many families for a local organization that supports members of their community.

With MapHabit's LiveWell Dementia Training, members' very specific needs and routines are reviewed with our expert team members to create an individualized plan that can help minimize frustrating situations. This content is created directly on the app, which helps improve communication, and the transfer of information. This significantly shortens the onboarding time as support teams rotate, and helps the support partner provide the best possible care for the individual.

The MapHabit System makes it possible to help individuals, their families and their community coordinate routines and habits, prolonging the individual's ability to live safely and more independently in their own home.

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