MapHabit Drives Growth and Caregiver Efficiency for In-Home Care, Assisted Living, and Adult Daycare Programs

Designed for in-home care agencies and long-term care providers, MapHabit increases your client’s quality of care, improves staff satisfaction and retention, and saves money while giving you a competitive advantage.


Transition Care Plans

For healthcare systems, MapHabit provides an effective transitional tool that can be introduced during inpatient stays and extended at home for follow-up care.

Gain a Competitive Edge

MapHabit’s patented technology provides a competitive differentiator for business development by equipping organizations with a value-add resource for their customers.

Increase Productivity and ROI

Increase staff productivity by monitoring compliance, collecting real-time data and measuring time spent with residents/clients.

Streamline Caregiver Management

Assign caregiving staff to specific residents/clients, segment by resident type, and oversee on-call schedules in a consolidated management system.

Increase Staff Retention

MapHabit’s easy-to-use application reduces frustration for the resident/client and decreases the burden of your caregiving staff. The result? You can recruit and retain top-quality caregivers.

Foster Family Involvement

MapHabit helps realign the family’s focus towards engaging with the individual to reverse the trend of individual isolation by encouraging family engagement from remote locations.

Provide Continuity of Care

When families make the difficult decision to move their loved one from in-home care to a long-term living environment, MapHabit helps ease the transition through our extended community partnership network.

Reinforce Training

MapHabit’s versatile platform helps augment dementia education, development and CEU curriculums using visual maps created by wellness experts.