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We love sharing our message of how we are helping people with memory impairment live better!

Our co-founders had a great time telling our story during their interview on the Shrimp Tank Podcast, a nationally syndicated podcast on iHeart Radio.

They discussed our company’s origin, what we have learned on our journey in business, how we support people living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as well as their caregivers, and our company’s future.

The podcast is full of valuable and light-hearted content in addition to a thorough overview of how our technology works, with topics such as raising capital, creating advisory boards, working with a business partner, and so much more.

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Our Vision

We want to live in a world where families and caregivers have the tools to work together towards reducing the effects of memory loss for those in their care.

Our Mission

To bolster independence, reduce stress and enhance quality of life of individuals and their caregivers with a simple and highly effective visual map application.



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