Alzheimer’s disease has severely impaired the quality of life of 5.8M Americans. MapHabit™ works everyday to significantly enhance the quality of life for these individuals, their families, and their caregivers.


Americans whose quality of life is destroyed
each year by Alzheimer’s disease.

Intuitive User Interface Meets Personalized Visual Maps


Clean & Simple Interface

Care Partner

Calendar & Safety Features

Individual Steps

Step-by-step instruction

Business Manager

Feature-rich management

Despite significant advances in research, treatments have stayed the same, aren’t always effective, and can have side effects. We blend technology and science to help people accomplish daily activities using visual maps that adapt to a person’s changing condition. Our personalized step-by-step guides simplify your day and help you live better.


Of healthcare professionals prefer visual mapping to traditional memory efforts.

Sample size: 300 health care professionals
*Additional Research in Process

Why MapHabit™ Works

The brain’s everyday memory system deteriorates rapidly after disease onset.

However, the habit learning system is preserved for a longer time and can support memory for routines and habits.

Functionality Timeline


Current Functionality

Tablet/Smart Phone Access

  • Upload personalized content for maps

  • Easily add caregiver notes

Pictures, Audio, & Video

  • Add music, audio/video & pictures from favorite sites


  • Convenient for non-technical users


Future Functionality


  • Visual & audio cues

  • Task completion alerts ease caregiver burden

Web Portal

  • Platform for family, caregiver, and medical staff interactions

Community Engagement

  • Social media tips for how memory works and preserving memory

  • Webcasts on Alzheimer’s and memory, protecting your cognitive functions, and much more


Future Functionality

Spoken Commands

  • Alexa, Siri, and Google Home integrations

Wearable/Smart Device Integration

  • On-the-go visual updates

  • Geo-tracking and biometric data collection

Big Data Analytics

  • EMR interoperability

  • Analysis of neural networks to predict healthcare outcomes