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Our Findings

After using MapHabit for three (3) months, these Top 5 Quality of Life (QoL) areas scored the highest % improvement across both individuals and their support partners.

Image of a graph showing the Mean percent change combined for individuals and caregivers, showing improvements for reduced frustration, reduced anger, enjoyment of life, cooperation, satisfaction with progress.
Related Dementia

July 2021

Feasibility of Personalized Visual Mapping Assistive Technology to Improve Functional Ability in Persons with Dementia

Kelleher, J; Zola, S; Cui X; Shiyu Chen, S; Gerber, C; Parker, MW; Davis, C; Law, S; Golden, M; Vaughan, CP

Related Dementia

May 2020

Exploratory Evaluation of a Mobile Health Application to Support Activities of Daily Living in Older Veterans with Cognitive Impairment

Vaughan, CP; Cui, X; Chen, S; Kelleher, J; Gerber, C; Golden,M; Zola, S

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