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Feasibility of Personalized Visual Mapping Assistive Technology to Improve Functional Ability in Persons with Dementia


Published Date

July 2021


Kelleher, J; Zola, S; Cui X; Shiyu Chen, S; Gerber, C; Parker, MW; Davis, C; Law, S; Golden, M; Vaughan, CP


Background: MapHabit™ is a novel mobile assistive technology health application that allows users to develop personalized maps that aid people living with cognitive impairment in the recall of steps needed to independently complete activities of daily living (ADLs).

Objective: To determine the feasibility and preliminary impact of a mobile health assistive technology application providing guidance to aid in the recall of steps to complete ADLs.

Methods: Fourteen Veterans (100% male, age 65 ± 9.5 years, 71% Black) and eight non-Veterans (62.5% male, age 78 ± 10.3 years, 100% Black) participants were recruited and enrolled from VA and Non-VA cognitive care clinics. A visual mapping software program was used to generate a series of personalized visual map templates focused on ADLs created within the MapHabit application. The visual maps were accessed through a mobile tablet device. A 19-item exit questionnaire assessed perceived improvement in functional ability after using the MapHabit system for three months.