The Story Behind the Story with Dr. Zola

Why You Don’t Remember ANYTHING From the First Few Years of Your Life

Remember being born? Not likely. Remember taking your first steps? Nope. Remember saying your first word? Blank again. We learned and experienced lots of things in our first few years. Yet, most people have little or no conscious recollection of any of them.

Researchers have dubbed this phenomenon “Infantile Amnesia”. We’ll discuss some current ideas about why this happens, and we’ll see the connections among Infantile Amnesia, Memory Distortion, and the so-called False Memory Syndrome – where people confidently describe fully-detailed events from their lives….except, these events never happened to them!


COMING SOON! A new webinar series from MapHabit and other partners to discuss topics for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), home healthcare tips, and aging! Stay tuned!

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