Combining Technology and The Science of Habits to Transform Continuity of Care
Streamline Caregiver Management.
Improve Productivity.
Enhance Quality of Life.

MapHabit™ is an interactive care management platform that utilizes a patented visual mapping system with smart devices to improve cognition and reinforce routine habits. Designed for in-home care organizations, adult living, therapists, and family caregivers, MapHabit™ improves quality of care while reducing caregiver stress.


501c3 Helping People with Alzheimer’s Disease, Other Dementias and Down Syndrome Live More Independently

For Organizations

MapHabit improves staff satisfaction and retention, enables consistency of care, and leverages predictive health analytics to provide a cost-effective competitive edge in a crowded market.



For Therapists

MapHabit provides a patented tool to reinforce therapeutic programming and care plans.



For Families

MapHabit helps aging individuals extend their independence while reducing the primary caregiver’s burden.



The MapHabit System: Your Customized Care Technology Solution

Mobile Application

Provides individuals & care providers access to create personalized visual maps accessible on mobile phones & tablets




Paper-Based Kit

PDF print-outs of visual map components that can be strategically placed in an impaired individuals home/residence




Predictive Analytics

AI/ML platform to preemptively alert healthcare professionals of potential risks





Integrates with smart speakers, Bluetooth-enabled devices, & IoT healthcare systems to deliver timely reminders, alerts & other analytics





Award-Winning Technology Recognized by the National Institute on Aging

1st Place Winner

National Institute on Aging

part of the National Institutes of Health

Inaugural Care Coordination Challenge

$250,000 PRIZE

Our Vision

We want to live in a world where families and caregivers have the tools to work together towards reducing the effects of memory loss for those in their care.

Our Mission

To bolster independence, reduce stress and enhance quality of life of individuals and their caregivers with a simple and highly effective visual map application.



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