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Are you living your best possible life?

MapHabit provides the tools and knowledge you need to promote independence and improve quality of life for individuals and their circle of support.

Learn how we can help improve personal interactions, quality of life and independence, one map at a time.

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How maphabit can support you

Our MapHabit System

A mobile phone and tablet displaying the homescreen for individual with IDD and ADRD

If you've ever absent mindedly driven to work on a weekend on your way to a grocery store, or found yourself singing along to a song from your childhood, then you understand the power of routines and habits.

Habit-forming is instrumental for people who need cognitive aid to safely navigate their day.  Why is this approach useful? The evidence suggests that assistive technology combined with behavioral learning produces effective results.

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The MapHabit Application

At the core is our application that helps organize the individual's habits and routines into visual maps. Through visual mapping, routines and habits become interactive step-by-step guides that can help an individual complete an activity on their own, or with the help of a support partner.

With consistent use of these visual maps, habits become easier to establish, making day-to-day activities more likely to be successfully completed.

Exclusive Curated Content

It is important that routines are established as soon as possible. Get started with over 700 pre-built maps created by industry experts. Start customizing or use without any changes.

Our content works for independent individuals or those that need additional support.

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support partners

Support the Support Partners

Supporting an individual with dementia can be challenging.

With MapHabit's LiveWell Dementia Wellness Assessments, you don't have to figure this out on your own. Our team of experts in Dementia Care can help you navigate an individual's specific needs. Feel supported and provide the highest quality of care.


The MapHabit System has the tools you need to improve quality of life, including the option to customize to your specific needs.


Personalized Map Creation

Create a map about anything. Step-by-step instructions break down a task into smaller manageable pieces, making it easy to follow.

Engaging Multimedia

Engaging Multimedia Elements

Improve cognitive engagement and map interaction with custom elements for video modeling, audio prompts, photo examples.


Chat With Your Circle of Support

Stay engaged with those in your circle of support with chat tools that allow you to connect and share maps that you've created.

Schedule Maps

Schedule Maps to Notify Users

Whether it is a doctor visit, a prompt to drink water, or an alert to take medicine, you can set a map to notify you on a schedule to keep you and your loved one on track for their day.

Relevant Expert

Relevant Expert Content for Individuals and Support Partners

Exclusive content developed by experts for various activities of daily living, skill building, and cognitive wellness.

Paper Based Output

Paper Based Output Support

Prefer paper over digital devices? Easily generate a checklist of steps to follow from the visual maps you created, ready for sharing and printing.

Who Can Use MapHabit?

Woman with Down Syndrome talking to a woman after yoga class

For Individuals

Improve quality of life and independence at different stages of intellectual, developmental and cognitive abilities .

Couple sitting in living room looking at tablet

For Families

Engaging activities, personalized learning content, and more are available for you and your loved ones.

Image of man holding a yellow ball

For Organizations

Help your staff provide consistent individualized support. Don't miss a beat in providing care, even with staff turnover. Distinguish yourself as a leading provider in care.

Our approach is based on brain science.

The foundation for our app is based on our research on procedural memory.


Peer Reviewed Studies

Our research is backed by institutions such as Emory University, U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs, National Institute of Aging and organizations such as LuMind and CaringKind.

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Mental Health Conditions Studied

Our research shows that MapHabit can help individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Down Syndrome and Autism.

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Image of a graph showing the Mean percent change combined for individuals and caregivers, showing improvements for reduced frustration, reduced anger, enjoyment of life, cooperation, satisfaction with progress.

Alzheimer's Disease

March 2022

Reduced care burden and improved quality of life in African American family caregivers: Positive impact of personalized assistive technology

The findings reported here comprise the first systematic study of the use of assistive technology by caregivers in an underserved population. They set the stage for exploring meaningful strategies and variables that will better engage underserved populations to take advantage of assistive technologies available in healthcare.

Read More >

Related Dementia

July 2021

Feasibility of Personalized Visual Mapping Assistive Technology to Improve Functional Ability in Persons with Dementia

Read More >

Intellectual/Developmental Disability

July 2021

Assessing Improvements in the Quality of Life of Parents of Children with Down Syndrome After Using MapHabit’s Visual Mapping Software

Read More >

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Our platform helps enhance the quality of life for our users and their circle of support.

About MapHabit

We are an Atlanta-based company with a simple goal – to help others live better.

We are passionate about creating effective tools to help promote independence for individuals and the people in their circle of support.

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