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Reshape support and member experiences.

MapHabit offers an improved experience for your members, family caregivers and clinicians.

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Outcomes for members and their Circle of support

MapHabit's interactive platform can help improve experiences the members of your organization.



Improve satisfaction ratings with evidence-based tools which benefits all stakeholders.

Care Path

Care Path Optimization

Drive increased quality measures and improve consistency of care with visual supports.

Health Equity

Health Equity

Unique content & customized supports for underserved members, and their communities.

Family Caregiver

Family Caregiver Support

Long Term Services & Supports to achieve greater independence within members homes

Medicaid Waiver Approved!


How MapHabit can support your organization

Long term support is vital. 
For everyone.

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As more people receive diagnosis for various cognitive conditions and intellectual/ developmental disabilities, support partner burnout is at an all-time high and care professionals are looking for more than traditional education and tools.

At MapHabit, we understand and recognize these challenges and the need to provide support not just for the individual but also those caring for them.

Here's how we can help support your members, their families and clinicians at this critical time.

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The MapHabit Application

MapHabit was created to be a simple, yet sophisticated digital tool that individuals and support partners can use. Our assistive technology app offers solutions for those who are in the supportive role - their family members and professionals.

By using multi-modal elements for video/photo, text and audio, activities and instructions can be tailored to the individual's very specific and personal needs.

Care giving requires team work.

Favorite shirts. Preferred toothpaste. Doctors appointments. Medication schedule. Sleep schedules. All of these routines, habits and activities require consistency to minimize frustration.

With MapHabit, those in the supportive role can create visual maps with the individual to gather, organize and schedule important information. Activities are presented step-by-step, accessible on the app by different members of their support circle. This gives new support partners the information that they need to effectively work with the individual.


Support the Support Partners

MapHabit's Wellness Assessments can provide support partners the tools that they need.

Our team of experts will facilitate the necessary conversations needed with support partners to effectively support the individual. This helps support partners become thoughtful observers, helping them understand which routines and habits will have the most impact when providing care.

Medicaid Waiver Status

Approvals by state


Application Filed

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Customers and Research Partners

Customers and Research Partners

Our Process

How MapHabit will support your members and their families


Member Onboarding

Upon sign up, we will begin with the initial questionnaire to facilitate our Wellness Assessment conversations, sign up the member and their circle of support to the service and mail the member the tablet and materials needed.


Preliminary Assessment

We will review the initial questionnaire with you in our one hour Wellness Assessment session and provide technical coaching as needed. Our Dementia Care experts will then build the personalized Wellness Plan that you can access through our MapHabit app and implement in the member's household or your organization.


Optimization and Follow Up

How are things going? We want to know how the Wellness Plans are working for the member and their network of support, and determine if further personalizations are needed based on the outcomes.


Ongoing Check Ins and Support

We are available to do check-ins with the member on a regular interval to review progress and any important developments with their condition.

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Our platform helps enhance the quality of life for our users and their circle of support.

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About MapHabit

We are an Atlanta-based company with a simple goal – to help others live better.

We are passionate about creating effective tools to help promote independence for individuals and the people in their circle of support.

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