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A science-backed, strategic health partner to empower your community and members.

MapHabit’s personalized and scalable approach supports a diverse population of individuals and their caregivers leading to better health outcomes.

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How MapHabit Works to Improve Outcomes

Step-by-step visual maps designed to help people live each day better

Habit building tools help people keep routines on track.

MapHabit’s unique science-based system helps make each day safer, more productive, and less stressful for individuals and their caregivers. Our approach combines assistive technology with behavioral learning that’s been proven to support independence and improve quality of life. Start now and contact us today.

family caregiver support

The MapHabit System Improves Outcomes

Our science-backed innovative system organizes habits, routines, and tasks into visual maps. They improve daily outcomes, reducing stress and increasing successful task completion.

MapHabit’s visual maps are designed to be interactive and engaging step-by-step how-to guides that members can use to complete a daily activity on their own or with help from a support partner or caregiver.

Exclusive Content Created for Members by Behavioral Health Experts

Routines matter. Our community of members have access to over 1800 habit-building maps or they can create their own that works for their unique daily needs.

Our content works for independent individuals or those that need additional support as well as their caregivers.

tools for alzheimer's caregivers
tools for dementia caregivers

Caregivers and Support Providers

Caregiving is tough! And ensuring that caregivers and support providers have tools to help them is vital for better health outcomes. 

MapHabit provides caregivers and support providers with expertise and guidance to help reduce their burden. Our targeted solutions support specific health needs. For example, our unique and holistic wellness questionnaire helps caregivers and support providers break down the specific health need and understand the specific solutions that will help make their quality of life better for themselves and the individuals they care for.

Improving Outcomes for Members and Their Caregivers and Support Providers

MapHabit’s science-backed interactive platform has been proven to improve outcomes and quality of life in real-world settings!

powerful tools for caregivers


Improve satisfaction ratings with evidence-based tools which benefits all stakeholders.

Engaging Multimedia

Optimize Care

Improve real-world care consistency and effectiveness that results in improved quality measures and health outcomes.

tools for alzheimer's caregivers

Health Equity and Inclusion

Individualized content and cultural competency for underserved communities

Paper Based Output

Helping Caregivers and Support Providers

Improve quality of life and satisfaction ratings across your diverse membership

The MapHabit System Approach


Member Onboarding

Upon sign up, we will begin with the initial questionnaire to discuss you and your family's needs, sign up the member and their circle of support and mail the member the materials and technology needed.


Personalized Goals

Our visual maps help members create and maintain reachable goals tailored to support their daily needs. 


Enhanced Engagement  

Our visual maps make tasks organized, fun, and easy. Maps also have a secure communications chat function so everyone part of an individual’s circle of support, such as caregivers, can stay on track.


Improved Outcomes

Our science-backed approach decreases stress, increases adherence, and improves satisfaction and quality of life for individuals and caregivers or support providers. 

Customers and Research Partners

What Our Members Are Saying

Our platform helps enhance the quality of life for our users and their circle of support.

About MapHabit

We are a mission driven organization with a simple goal - to support individuals and improve their quality of life. We are passionate about creating innovative, personalized, technology driven solutions to help people in their daily lives reach their goals while reducing stress and burden.

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